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Facebook’s Professional Mode is now available to all creators globally


After launching its professional mode for selected creators to provide more ways to earn through their content in December 2021, Facebook has now rolled it out for everyone around the globe who wants to be a creator.

Facebook’s Professional mode is similar to its business pages, however, with more professional tools to build a large public following and earn through various monetization ways. It gives creators a separate Facebook profile/entity to showcase their skills, talent and work to build a dedicated fanbase.

Through this professional mode, the creators will unlock various revenue opportunities and access exclusive tools that help them build their audience. One of the most notable revenue opportunities through this mode for US and worldwide creators is Reels Play Bonus Program. Now it will allow all creators to earn money through the reels they create and share.

Also, the Stars monetization feature is now available for eligible creators to earn money directly through their fans during live streams.

Meta is also testing the latest in-stream ads under its Professional mode for eligible creators, allowing them to enable ads before, during and/or end of the longer on-demand videos to earn money. The eligible creators will get access to this feature on an ongoing basis.

Not only this but also the Facebook Reels ads and Subscriptions are testing for a handful of creators globally, so we can hope to see them available for all eligible professional mode creators soon.

Apart from these various monetization options, the creators can access several other useful features in the Professional mode, like post-scheduling options and recommendations for when to post for maximized engagement.

They can also access the “Creators Support Hub” to get various resources and support on issues like monetization, eligibility, verification, bullying, etc. Creators can now give a “Top fans” badge to their most-engaged fans as a reward that will appear when they comment on a creator’s post.

Meta wants to create an exciting metaverse for creators by appreciating their talent and skills. Thus he wants to reward the creators for their content to increase the user base and growth of the platform. And for that, it was crucial to roll out its professional mode for all creators worldwide. So, the decision makes complete sense, and we can expect increased engagement on the app as its creator base increases.

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