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Hubtype collects $1.1 million from K Fund to develop better chat Support

Hubtype collects $1.1 million from K Fund to develop better chat Support
Hubtype collects $1.1 million from K Fund to develop better chat Support

Conversational messaging startup Hubtype closes a round of seed financing to fuel the evolution of their strong framework. The enlarging startup was set in Barcelona in 2016 with the Objective of leading business companies beyond chatbots and to the
Conversational messaging age.

The startup has increased 300% year over year for the previous two decades and has been known as the finest Chatbot Startup at the past year’s International Chatbot Summit at Berlin. Hubtype is closer than ever to achieving its target after raising €1 million (~$1.1M) in seed financing in K Fund, a top VC company in Spain, together with the additional involvement of industry angels out of Hubtype’s prior around in 2016.

Jaime Novoa, a partner at K Fund, said: “The chatbot industry has undergone a major transformation from text to conversational apps, and Hubtype is leading enterprise companies to build the best customer experiences in a scalable way by using automation. Companies must move from traditional phone and email communication and into a new era of multichannel conversational messaging. Hubtype is an important addition to our investment portfolio, and timing is key.”

Hubtype is on its way to being a basic tool in the applications stacks of business level businesses in sectors like insurance, banking, and e-commerce. With nearly half of its client base standing from the Forbes Global 2000 List, Hubtype has attained a solid position in the marketplace for enterprise-level tools to make fantastic adventures on messaging to take care of everything from customer service to sales.

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The Hubtype frame makes the process of deploying and building a chatbot simple, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate messaging stations, such as webchat, making scaling new messaging stations such as WhatsApp potential.

Hubtype is just one of less than 50 official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers in the world and is founded in among WhatsApp’s greatest markets worldwide. The business is one of just a few of WhatsApp’s official suppliers offering a mixture of automatic, automatic agents, and individual agents on the favorite messaging program.

“With our framework you can build, manage and scale enterprise conversational experiences and deploy a unified customer experience across all messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, web chat, and more,” said CEO and co-founder of Hubtype, Marc Caballé. “Using Hubtype’s opensource framework, Botonic, which is based on React.js, conversational apps can be created and scaled easily, and with a streamlined set of tech skills.”

He continued: “With this funding round we’re investing in further developments of our framework, including AI capabilities which will allow clients to train their chatbot in 1 language and roll out automatically in about 100 languages. We’ll also be building our developer relationship program and scaling our sales team.”

Hubtype was founded with the objective to give businesses the tools they have to maneuver into messaging and bridge the communication gap with their clients. That is the most important obstacle Marc and his staff are solving. Conversational messaging encounters require the best of discussion and unite components of graphic user interfaces, AI, decision trees, webviews, individual representative hand-off and much more. Contacting with APIs, NLP solutions, CRM systems and other components that business companies desire all contribute to providing a pure experience that clients want.

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