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Instagram release notes, collaborative collections, group profiles, and other sharing features

instagram releases new features

Spending endless hours scrolling on Instagram has become the new normal. All of us are hooked on this wonderful platform. And guess what, now this meta-owned app is now making efforts to engage users in newer ways. So you are likely to spend even more time on this platform with these new features in place. 

Instagram has recently rolled out a number of new sharing features, including Notes, Group Profiles, and Candid Stories. These updates are designed to make it easier for users to share their thoughts and experiences with their followers and to foster a sense of community on the platform. 

Here’s a closer look at what these new features have to offer. Notes is a new feature that allows users to write a maximum of 60 characters. This is a great way for users to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a more precise and crisp manner with their followers. Users can format their Notes with text and emojis to make them more fun, and they can also share them with limited friends. The notes you share, automatically disappear after 24 hours, yes, just like your stories. 

Group Profiles is another new feature that allows users to create groups and share their profiles with the group. This is a great way for users to share their profiles with a specific group of people, whether it’s a group of friends, a team, or a community. Group Profiles also make it easier for users to share content with only specific people.

The feature being touted as one similar to another social app BeReal is Candid Stories. A new feature that allows users to share unedited, behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives with their friends. You can restrict who gets to see these stories. Some have pointed out how these are similar to Facebook stories. 

Lastly, Collaborative Collections is a feature where you can save posts along with your friends. It could be done privately or in a group as well. This will be a really helpful feature for many users. 

Overall, these new sharing features are a welcome addition to Instagram and will give users more ways to connect with their followers and create a sense of community on the platform. Whether you’re looking to share your thoughts in a more in-depth way, connect with a specific group of people, or share unedited glimpses into your life, there’s a new feature for everyone to enjoy.


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