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LinkedIn’s Rolls Out Focused-Inbox Feature to Segregate Your Relevant Messages from Irrelevant Ones

LinkedIn, a leading professional networking platform by Microsoft, has recently launched much-needed message safety tools and a Focused-Inbox feature globally to enhance users’ messaging experience. The Focused-Inbox feature has two tabs, i.e. Focused and Others, to let professionals organize their relevant & crucial messages in one and the irrelevant ones in another. 

The feature will automatically detect spam and scam messages and move them to the “Others” tab to keep your “Focused” tab as organized and professional as possible.

Talking about this feature, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, Tomer Cohen, stated that through this feature, the inbox of users would become smarter and smarter based on how they use it. 

The focused-inbox feature will allow users to seamlessly organize their relevant and irrelevant messages between these two tabs, which will be really useful for professionals who get lots of spammy or promotional messages in their inboxes daily.

According to the company, every second, over 21 inMails or direct messages regarding job opportunities have been sent directly to users in their Linkedin inboxes. With lots of spammy and promotional notifications in their inbox, they won’t fully utilize the advantage of the platform or its services. 

But with this feature, the professional inbox will get sorted, and the company has released it after getting users’ feedback on improving the platform experience. The Focused-Inbox feature will be rolled out globally for all users soon, and they will get prompted to try it out through a notification in their LinkedIn inbox at the top. 

The meaningful conversations on LinkedIn have significantly increased by 20% since last year as more and more professionals are using the direct message feature for networking. Through this feature, the company aims to witness a gain in interaction rate in future.

Meanwhile, as stated by CEO Ryan Roslansky, the company is gearing up to expand its position in the Indian market while currently pausing hiring in the US market due to worsening economic conditions. 

The company believes that leaving the US aside, the majority of its growth is happening in India, Western Europe and Indonesia. India has become one of the fastest-growing markets for LinkedIn as more advertisers and companies are utilizing the platform year-over-year (over 50% increase) for their professional needs. 

While this latest feature offers great message safety tools, it will be a challenge for the Linkedin AI algorithm to filter out what people want to see and what they consider spam. Let’s see how people respond to this feature in the coming days.


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