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Meta Introduces Facebook-like 3D Avatars for Whatsapp Now

Whatsapp 3D avatars

Meta now launches fully personalized 3D avatar models on Whatsapp after gaining huge popularity on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. After beta testing for months, the company announced recently that now the feature is officially available for Whatsapp users.

The latest Avatar feature on Whatsapp will now allow users to create and upload their personalized 3D Avatars as their display pictures. The users can choose from 36 personalized stickers of various emotions and actions of their 3D avatar to use in chats, which will look similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji or Apple’s Memoji models. 

To further enhance the personalized experience, users will get to select more styles in clothing, hairstyle, shading and lighting in the future. According to the company, the 3D avatar is the digital version of a user that they can customize using various combinations of hairstyles, outfits and facial features.

The same 3D avatar by Meta is already available on its other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, users could not import it to Whatsapp to share with their friends. So, the company has rolled it out dedicatedly for Whatsapp messenger now for all Android and iOS users globally.

The users can access the 3D avatar option in their Whatsapp settings. After the users create their 3D avatars, the platform will automatically generate 36 customized stickers of that avatar which users can use in their chats. 

All they have to do is to head to any Whatsapp chat and tap on the “Sticker” option to share it with their friends. For iOS users, the sticker option is available within a chat box where they type the message. In contrast, for Android users, the option is available by tapping on the emoji symbol within their chat box.

The users will also get the option “Use Avatar” in their Whatsapp Profile picture settings to upload their customized 3D avatar as their display picture. It will follow the same privacy settings users have enabled for their other profile pictures on Whatsapp. 

It was expected that the 3D avatar feature on Whatsapp would also be available to use for video calls. However, there is no sign of it in the current update.

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The feature has already been rolled out on most devices for all regions and countries. The only way to check if it is available on your device is to go to Whatsapp Settings. While doing that, ensure you are using the updated version of the app.


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