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Meta’s Instagram Explore Home Ads Placement is Here with New Marketing API


The Meta company announced a new placement option to run Instagram ads on the explore page. Early on October 4, 2022, the company introduced this new Instagram Explore home advertising by saying that more places are made available for ads for better user reach and discoverability. Through this new ad placement, the users will now be able to place ads in Instagram’s Explore section in a grid that they see first when they visit the explore tab.

On November 11, 2022, the company announced that now this explore home ad placement feature on Instagram is available for brands and businesses through the new marketing API. This new ad placement option will be available for all current marketing API versions with no requirements for further upgrades or changes.

Through this new ad placement feature, users can now update their app to create and preview Instagram explore home ad placement via API. This new feature comes with noteworthy capabilities, like:

  • Creation of Ads – Ads can be created through the latest INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME option.
  • Ads Insights – The performance data of these new ads will be accessible at the placement level insights.
  • Ads Previews – Before publishing the ad, brands and users can preview them in INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_GRID_HOME format to get an idea of how it will appear in the explore tab.

As per Meta, this new ad placement option in Instagram’s explore home section will give potential brands a great opportunity to reach the users in the earliest stages of discovering content they are interested in.

Currently, the Explore home section of Instagram shows users the reel and post content based on their recent interactions, content search and engagement. But now, this new INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME ad placement option within the already familiar Marketing API endpoint will allow brands to broaden their reach to the targeted audience for better conversions.

Instagram’s AI will personalize the ad experience through this new Explore home section by suggesting the right audience to showcase the ads of various brands without disturbing the user experience and their feed.

The company still needs to reveal the complete information about this new ad placement option. But soon, developer documentation will be released by Meta containing all technical details related to this new update. If implemented correctly, this feature will definitely be a great addition to brands’ visibility, reach and growth.

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