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Microsoft announces integration of Minesweeper and Solitaire to Teams!

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If you are a fan of some classic Microsoft games like Minesweeper and Solitaire, there is some good news for you! Microsoft announced that it is bringing a whole lot of its games to the Microsoft Teams platform.

In the last few years, Teams has become quite a popular platform among corporates for chatting and video meetings. With competition increasing in this highly lucrative segment, it seems that Microsoft wants to leave no stone unturned in getting a major slice of this pie.

Now the next time you log in on Teams for an office meeting, you can play Solitaire with your colleagues or even your boss! How cool would that be! And not just these classic games, Microsoft is bringing some new and exciting games as well. While it may puzzle some people regarding the intent of such a move, this is actually a very smart decision.

A lot of companies have taken up the hybrid work model. When employees are only interacting digitally, something like Microsoft Minesweeper or Solitaire could be a smooth activity for team building. A lot of companies are worried that productivity may plummet when employees work from home for longer periods. In response, digital platforms like Microsoft Teams are constantly innovating to make their platforms more engaging.

Nicole Herskowitz, who is a corporate vice president at Microsoft, actually went ahead and posted a blog about this. He mentioned how a moderate amount of gaming during work hours can actually boost the productivity of the employees. Jill Braff, another expert from Microsoft supported this by highlighting the role gaming plays in bringing people together from across the globe.

If this move pays off, Microsoft will have a major advantage over its competitors. With other gaming platforms like Xbox under its belt, Microsoft has vast knowledge and experience in gaming. It is also actively investing in gaming through acquisitions of makers of popular games. And if this boosts productivity, more and more companies would be compelled to turn towards Microsoft Teams instead of any other ecosystem for their hybrid work model. As everyone wants to increasingly hook their employees to sustain this model.

Apart from productivity, gaming can also help build a sense of community among team members. Especially games like Minesweeper and Solitaire which people have been playing and loving since the 1990s. Hopefully, this move will make those boring online meetings a lot more interesting now.


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