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The latest smartphone of ‘Nothing’ to debut in the US market

So what’s making news in the smartphone market in the US? Nothing. Yes, it is literally Nothing. Don’t be surprised though, Nothing is the latest smartphone brand by Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. The company has already launched its initial models in various geographies. However, now they are eyeing to launch a new model of their smartphone in the US market. 

With Nothing, the makers are trying to change the concept of smartphones and how we use them. The company on its website describes its model Phone (1) as:

“Less distractions. More soul. Just pure instinct, formed as a machine. Told through beautiful symbols. Deeper interactions. And brave simplicity.”

Pei mentioned in an interview how they are already discussing various possibilities with some carriers in the US. However, he did not clarify the phone they want to launch. Experts feel that it might very well be Phone (1). This model was launched across Asia and Europe along with the Middle East but not in the US. So they might just be launching there now. 

This interview also gave rise to anticipation and rumors around Phone (2) but this was quickly dispelled by the founder himself. He tweeted saying that are not interested in launching a dozen phones in quick succession like other brands. Instead, they want to focus solely on Phone (1) and work towards improving the software on it even further. So if you are awaiting the launch of Phone (2), you might have to wait a bit longer, no good news for you as of yet. 

This strategy of releasing only limited phones could stand out from host of other Android brands, including OnePlus, which releases multiple models throughout the year. Pei also talked about his fears of Apple single-handedly dominating the entire American smartphone market. He feels that it is necessary for brands like Nothing to get a chance in a market so mature as the US. 

To be fair, Pei in his recent iPhone 14 Pro review very gracefully admitted how Apple’s latest is the best one can get in the market. However, he also mentioned that if you want to go for a less expensive option, then Nothing’s Phone (1) would be the most suitable option for you. 

What do you think about Nothing and its Phone (1)? Does it have a future as bright as the glyph light on its back? Well, with a possible US launch, we will soon get to know the answers.

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